Private Vancouver Piano Lessons

Fall 2015 Festival Awards and Scholarships

Trophy, Scholarship and Medallion Winners

Vancouver Student Performers' Guild Festival Fall 2015

Scarbo Chan:  1st Place Twentieth Century 5, Twentieth Century Intermediate Trophy Winner

Andy Liang:  1st  Place Classical 10, 1st place Technical Studies 10, 1st Place Impressionism 10,  Classical Senior Trophy Winner, Technical Studies Senior Trophy Winner

Valerie Mok:  1st Place Canadian Composer 12, Canadian Composer Senior Trophy Winner, Tom Lee Canadian Composers' Senior Award Scholarship

Miguel Villarica:  1st Place Technical Studies 7, 1st Place Duet 6, Technical Studies Intermediate Trophy Winner, Duet Intermediate Trophy Winner

Jonathan Weng:  1st Place Post Romantic 3, Post Romantic Junior Trophy Winner, Pam Ascroft Trophy (awarded to the most promising performer in the Junior Division)

Chuck Xie:  1st Place Baroque 4,  1st Place Technical Studies 4, Medallion of Achievement

Ethan Yang:  1st Place 20th Century 1, Twentieth Century Junior Trophy Winner

Eric Zhang:  1st Place Baroque 6, 1st Place Classical 6, 1st Place Romantic 6, 1st Place Post Romantic 6, 1st Place Technical Studies 6, 1st Place Duet Gr. 6, SPG Intermediate Trophy Winner (awarded to the most promising performer in the Intermediate Division), SPG Highest Achievement Trophy Winner (highest aggregate mark), SPG Intermediate Scholarship (highest aggregate mark), Duet Intermediate Trophy Winner

Congratulations also to:

Michelle Cheng:  1st Place Baroque 11, 1st Place Classical 11

Vivian Chow:  1st Place Adult

Oliver Hong:  1st Place Concert Group 6

Tommy Lee:  1st Place Technical Studies 11

Adrian To:  1st Place Post Romantic 11

Jason Qian:  1st Place Concert Group 4

George Zhou:  1st Place Canadian Composer 6

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