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It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
-Albert Einstein

David has been the most wonderful teacher in my musical journey. His teaching is detailed, technical, and polished, but also amazingly fun and enjoyable. Through my many years with David, I received several regional, provincial and national awards, including my LRCM diploma and ARCT gold medal, which never would have been possible without his intricate guidance and sophisticated expertise. David teaches with immense care, humour and kindness, making every lesson one to look forward to. Whether I need subtle tone changes or dramatic grand shifts in producing sounds, he has always found a way to instill that information to me. Not only has he taught me countless skills in music, he has also guided me to be a better person and grow as an individual, something I am eternally grateful for. He has been incredibly inspirational for me, and words cannot describe how thankful I am to have had him as my music teacher.
          -A. Hsu (ARCT, LRCM)

Mr. Vandereyk has played a vital role in helping me grow and develop as a pianist. By supporting and guiding me throughout my musical journey, he has taught me the importance of healthy technique and having a strong understanding of harmony, which has deepened my knowledge of music. Additionally, through my lessons with him, I have learned how to improve my production of tone quality. Thank you for inspiring me and being a great teacher.
          -N. Wang (ARCT)

David is an exceptional teacher who never hesitates to share his knowledge with his students. He is not only caring and kind, but also witty and passionate. His gentle and compassionate approach to teaching has helped me grow in many ways. Throughout the five years I've studied with David, I have learned that he willingly provides advice and support; he always answers my numerous questions with patience and insight. He has pushed me to think about and play music in a way I've never done before. I will forever be grateful for all of the guidance he has given me.
          -C. Hung (ARCT)

My passion for music grew after I started lessons with Mr. David. From winning regional, provincial and international festivals, to completing my LRCM exam and obtaining the national gold medal, then receiving acceptance letters to all the music schools I applied to, I've gained so much experience and made great memories throughout the past four years with him. He was one of my biggest influencers in my life, sanding me into a needle, when I started off as an iron rod. He's fixed my flaws, sharpened my strengths, and polished me as a whole. The amount of dedication, precision, patience, and time Mr. David spent on me makes it impossible for me to properly express my appreciation towards his hard work and efforts.
          -I. Lin (ARCT, LRCM)

Mr. Vandereyk's teaching is absolutely inspirational. I learned immensely from him; he taught me how to be a performer. Mr. Vandereyk is always meticulous towards music. He points out all of the magical places which brings the whole performance to another level. Under Mr. Vandereyk's tutelage, I was able to obtain numerous prizes in provincial, national, and international competitions. He also prepared my audition for the University of Toronto. Mr. Vandereyk demonstrated every quality of an excellent piano teacher. Without him, I would not have been able to reach my achievements.
          -A. Cao (ARCT)

David is an impeccably gifted and passionate teacher. Throughout 13 years under his tutorship, he has influenced my life in unimaginable ways. His lessons are constructed in such a way that it allows me to enhance my technicality, but also broaden my mind to different interpretations and forms of expression. David teaches in effective ways that encourages a person to not only play brilliantly and to surpass their technical limits, but also in a way which motivates them to play each note with intent and desire. Through the variety of methods David implements in his lessons, he makes clear the purpose of music - to convey a message with soul, drive, poise, and grace. These lessons have taught me how to be a better person outside of piano as well. If you are already a performer who wishes to further enhance their understanding in music, or are curious and desire an authentic and genuine musical experience, David is most definitely one of the finest teachers one could ever ask for.
          -M. Villarica (ARCT)

Mr. Vandereyk is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher who caters his teaching methods to the needs of his students. He is extremely kind, understanding, and patient, demonstrating his care for his students' development. He points out subtle details in the music that help me greatly improve my playing, and provides invaluable feedback regarding musical interpretation and technical performance. Mr. Vandereyk's guidance was instrumental to my success in obtaining the LRCM National Gold Medal and performing at Carnegie Hall. He has helped me develop as a performer and pianist, and I am grateful to have been his student.
          -V. Mok (ARCT, LRCM)

David has a very special ability to refine his students' performances and nurture their musicianship, with his extensive knowledge of posture and muscular efficiency, remarkably effective practice and performance techniques, and fine details of musical theory and history. David is a passionate and insightful performer, and I feel very privileged to have had his guidance to help me grow as a musician and to prepare me for many performances, including my audition for the Schulich School of Music at McGill University. He showed me so many hidden facets of the music I was learning and countless subtle changes that drastically improved my playing of it that I would never have discovered on my own. Thank you so much David for being so understanding and for giving me the tools to become a mature pianist.
          -R. Thiessen

David is exceptionally blessed with incredible teaching skills. His methods are well structured and easy to follow and his teaching approach is very encouraging and positive. In my five years with him, he pushed me above and beyond what I thought was possible. I would not have accomplished as much as I did nor realized my potential in music without David's sound guidance. Thank you for being an inspirational force in my life.
          -S. Yang, ARCT

From my piano lessons with Mr. Vandereyk, I learned to play with concentration and emotion, to improve my technique continuously, to have a passion for performance, and most importantly, to persevere and push myself to my fullest potential. I am very grateful for his patience, guidance and encouragement throughout my preparation for the LRCM exam, a challenge that made me realize that I can achieve more than I think.
          -L. Wang, ARCT, LRCM

Mr. Vandereyk is an extremely patient and encouraging teacher, displaying his great dedication towards teaching through his careful eye for detail and care for students. He has provided me with both efficient and effective ways of improving my technique and has helped me significantly develop my musicality during these past eight years. I am very grateful for his indispensable help in guiding me towards success in both my ARCT and LTCL examinations as well as my audition for the UBC School of Music!
          -R. Wang (ARCT, LTCL)

In the past 5 years, David has helped me develop many aspects of piano performance. His suggestions for changing minute details make a very big difference in how the music sounds and his patience and kind personality made him approachable and easy to interact with during the lessons. David's teaching approach helped me successfully prepare for my audition into the UBC School of Music and obtain the LRCM Performance Diploma. He is a very inspirational teacher and I am honoured to have been one of his students.
          -N. Linaksita (ARCT, LRCM)

I have improved so much on piano and would not have achieved nearly as much without you. Thanks for always pushing me to do better... you have given me so much more confidence.
          -K. Nakajima (ARCT)

I have learned a lot from you the past two years. You have taught me how to use tricks to master difficult techniques and how to stay calm and focused during performance. Thank you for making me a better piano player and person.
          -J. Chang (ARCT)

David helped me develop the confidence to really express the music to the best of my ability. His insight into practice methods other than actual playing were extremely helpful and probably crucial to my success, especially in terms of being prepared for auditions and festivals. I also liked his holistic approach to studying the piano and still use some of the stretches and exercises I learned with him on a regular basis. The level of detail with which the pieces were covered made them even more fascinating to me and my ability to analyze the pieces effectively hugely improved, which in turn increased my enjoyment in learning them.
          -T. Zachary (ARCT, LLCM, B. Mus.)

Thank you for continually challenging me to go beyond my limits and excel in making beautiful music. You truly are an inspiration to me. I have learnt so much from you in these past ten years.
          -C. Cheung (ARCT, LLCM, LRSM, B. Mus.)

David is extremely well organized with his lessons. I like the fact that he covers all requirements (technique, ear, sight reading, repertoire) each week, and not neglecting any one component until near exam time. Knowledgeable in piano performance and pedagogical principles, he is good at diagnosing technical challenges and offers creative practice strategies. Always patient and encouraging, and with a good sense of humor, he works well with my children at the lessons. As well, he sets realistic and achievable goals for them during the week.
          -S. Chan (parent)

Every lesson you have given me was full and I always had so much to learn from you. It is still hard to believe that I was accepted to all four competitive universities I have applied, and I believe that this could not possibly happen without you. I would like to be a piano teacher like you so that students are encouraged and enjoy music.
          -C. Onoe (LLCM, B. Mus)

Thank you for teaching me so well. I am very glad that I have a good teacher. I love playing the piano!
          -G. Chong (9 years old)

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