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Vancouver Music Festival Workshop 2013

Honour Concert

Congratulations to the following students for their fine performances in the Vancouver Music Festival Workshop Honour Concert:

Miguel Villarica, Grade 4 Concert Group
Boaz Leung, Grade 9 Baroque
Regan Thiessen, Grade 10 Romantic
Grace Chong, ARCT Concert Group
Sean Yang, ARCT Technical Study
Cindy Zhou, ARCT Concert Group
Grace Chong and Sean Yang, ARCT Ensemble
The Honour Concert is the final event of the Vancouver Music Festival Workshop and features the top performances of the Festival determined by the adjudicators.
Congratulations as well to the following students for their Gold Seal performances:
Jason Qian, Grade 1 Post Romantic
Erin Wong, Grade 2 Classical and Post Romantic
Scarbo Chan, Grade 3 Classical and Baroque
Sally Zhou, Grade 4 Baroque
Hannah Wang, Grade 8 Classical
Andy Liang, Grade 8 Concert Group
Stephanie Zhang, Grade 9 Classical
Valerie Mok, ARCT Concert Group
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